After working in the film industry in Los Angeles for 10 years as both a screenwriter and actor (and, at times, waitress) I returned to New York City where I founded the Writers and Actors Group in 2013.

I offer one-on-one coaching for writers and actors, including skill training, feedback, and advice for careers in the film industry, and I teach group classes, including a weekly writing and acting workshop, screenwriting classes, on-camera workshops, and classes just for kids. In addition to classes and coaching, I offer resources, including screenwriting tutorial videos, downloadable monologues for actors and scripts for writers, and a moderately informative blog.

All of my classes and coaching sessions are accessible online from anywhere in the world. I have the pleasure of teaching artists from seven countries, and dozens of states across the U.S. 

Hope to see you soon!

Caroline Gordon-Elliott

Questions? Contact me at Caroline@theWagNY.com

For more on my background, check out my bio.

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