build your demo reel

build your demo reel

shoot your short film

shoot your short film

writing & acting workshop

writing & acting workshop

on-camera classes

on-camera classes

hollywood career coaching

hollywood career coaching

personalized instruction

personalized instruction

Film Reel

build your demo reel


what you get

one 60-min Zoom call, which includes:

  • a scene or monologue that's right for your type

  • guidance on your lighting and sound equipment 

  • one-on-one coaching to cultivate a great performance

  • recording your scene or monologue (with reader, if needed)

  • your digital performance delivered to you for posting

Film Clapboard

shoot your own short film

starting at $320

what you get:

five 45-min Zoom calls with your very own advisor, including:

  • script development: editing, feedback, and suggestions (optional writing of original material for you for additional fee)

  • assistance with budgeting and suggestions for financing

  • advice on crew and shot list

  • tips on editing and final cut feedback

  • suggestions for festivals, competitions, and where to go next


writing & acting workshop


what you get

weekly Thursday 2-hour online group workshop:

  • a fun and friendly way to become a better writer

  • get feedback on your script

  • learn more about writing from hearing notes on other scripts

  • listen to actors read your lines!

  • workshop a script, be one of the actors, or just observe!

how does it work?

  • we workshop an average of 2 scripts per week, usually between 20-40 pages of each.

  • actors receive their scripts and casting via email within 24 hours of class time.

  • we convene at 6:30pm EDT to run the scripts

  • then everyone (even non-writers) are welcome to give their feedback to the writers

  • to workshop your own script, send a few pages of it, plus the total page count and an estimated cast list to Caroline, and she'll get back to you to schedule your dates


hollywood career coaching

$60/session or $200/4-pack

​​what you get

one 45-min one-on-one online session, or a set of four, including:

  • goal setting

  • industry tips

  • professional resources

  • advice on getting an agent

  • suggestions on festivals and competitions

Woman Typing

1-on-1 screenwriting coaching

$60/session or $200/4-pack

​​what you get:

one 45-min one-on-one online session, or a set of four, including:

  • audition prep

  • personalized instruction

  • acting techniques, including Stanislavsky and Meisner

  • assistance in finding audition material, if needed

  • on-camera instruction

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