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Jul 20, 2018



I love to hear actors speak in accents. its fascinating. As an actor I would love to be able to speak in all the accents of the world. Not an easy task. I dont feel offended when I hear an accent that pertains to my particular ethnicity because we as actors try our best to imitate the character we are portraying that was created by the writer.

As long as the words spoken and the message percieved is not offensive, then by all means actors should strive to master as many accents as they can

I am a native New Yorker of latino ancestary. My cultural background is Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Mexican. Being born and raised in New York City exposed me to many different cultures and races and of course American culture. I am fluent in both spanish and english and one of my hobbys is to learn as many words in different languages from all over the world. I always considered myself something of an internationalist.

Recently I was hired by a DNA company to show my reaction to my DNA results.

I did not have to act but just give my natural reaction to my DNA results.

As a latino I already knew I was multiracial but I did not know the percentages.

I knew I had Native American, European and African blood but I was not ready for the multiple nationalities that came up. Here is the order in which my DNA results came up:

Italian & Greek: 37%

Spanish & Portuguese: 25%

Native American: 16%

German & French: 8%

North African: 4%

Scandanavian: 2%

Irish: 2%

South Eastern African Bantu: 2%

British: 1%

Finnish & Russian: 1%

Nigerian: 1%

South central African: 1%

So there it is. I can now call myself a true internationalist and citizen of the world.

So many accents not enough time.

It doesent mean I'm going to change who I am or my cultural upbringing.

In my travels I have met and made friends with many people from a lot of those countrys that are in my DNA. What changes now is the strong connection that I now feel with all those people who I share my DNA with.

So "Viva la differencia" and even though we are all different in many ways, we have our DNA that links us together and makes us the same.


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