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Practice auditioning for the camera, learn to be in the moment with improv, and work with others in scene study. These classes are geared toward beginners, and old-timers who want to get back to basics.

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What will you do in class?

You'll do scenes and monologues from film, theater, and TV; you'll learn the benefits (and the fun!) of improvisation; you'll practice Meisner Technique, audition technique, and fun exercises to make you a better actor. You'll get to review the basics, and be challenged in more advanced work.

|Improvisation technique:

Have a blast, take a risk, and build your skills as an actor without even realizing that you're working. We'll do exercises and games that'll loosen your on-stage flexibility, get you to open up, and make you more present for scene work.

|Audition technique:

Just like a professional audition, you'll be given materials to prepare, and you'll perform them on video for the make-believe "casting director." Learn how to prepare, think on your feet, practice engaging with the people in the room, and gain more confidence.

|Character Work

Learning emotion, relationships & authenticity:

Through advanced acting work, like Meisner Technique and Uta Hagen/Stanislavsky methods, we'll explore the depth of characters, being in the moment on stage, and how to live truthfully under the given circumstances of a scene.

|Scene study:

Working with partners on theater and film scenes, you'll get to flex your character development muscles, learn how to dissect text, practice physical activity in a scene, and play off another actor.

How is it different from other acting classes?

First of all, we're not a competitive, cut-throat group where you're told you're gonna "make it", or you're not. We're all about the craft of acting, while keeping in mind that many of our members are working towards a career in acting. We support one another's artistic growth, as we grow ourselves. We're fun, we're friendly, and we usually have snacks. A lot of our actors go on to work on projects together outside of WAG. Some of our members produce their own films and plays and cast from within our group. Plus, we post outside auditions on our Facebook page, and share our members' upcoming projects there as well.

How much does it cost?



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"Those who can't do, teach."


"Those who have entered into a competitive industry where few make a living,

who are engaging educators, who enjoy helping others,

who love the art of screenwriting, and need to pay their bills, coach."

~ Caroline Gordon-Elliott

owner of the Writers and Actors Group



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