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Improvisation exercises teach your team members how to think on their feet, problem-solve, explore their imaginations, and take risks, all while supporting each other through their failures and successes.


Caroline Gordon-Elliott brings the fun to your office. Your improv class gets set up right there in your conference room or community space. Your staff comes in for a 30-minute session, whether in shifts, or all at once. Office Improv is set up to work smoothly within your team's schedule. Everyone then returns to work, revived, inspired, motivated, and renewed.

Caroline trained at the Williamstown Theater Festival, Vassar College, and LA Connection Improv. She wrote and performed in the successful sketch comedy group, The Monkey Box, and she currently runs the Writers and Actors Group, where she teaches acting and screenwriting in midtown Manhattan.

"A wonderful, supportive atmosphere that is always a unique experience. A place where you can grow and be free to fall flat on your face."
- Vincent
"Thank you for helping me to save thousands of dollars on therapy cause no matter how I'm feeling, after a session, I leave feeling like a million bucks!"
- El
"Thank you for being a place where I have fun and grow at the same time!"
- Sarah
"It’s not only helpful but also so much fun!"
- Bronwyn