• Caroline Gordon-Elliott

Los Angeles! New York! Bozeman!

How to become an actor when you're living in a one-horse town

(note: Bozeman is not a one-horse town. Get off my case, Montana.)

Cities with movie studios or an active film industry:

U.S. Cities:

  1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

  2. Atlanta, Georgia

  3. Ashland, Oregon

  4. Austin, Texas

  5. Charlotte, NC

  6. Chicago, Illinois

  7. Cincinnati, Ohio

  8. Kansas City, Missouri

  9. Knoxville, Tennessee

  10. Memphis, Tennessee

  11. Miami, Florida

  12. New Orleans

  13. Orlando, Florida

  14. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  15. Providence, Rhode Island

  16. Richmond, Virginia

  17. Santa Fe, New Mexico

  18. Savannah, Georgia

Around the World:

  1. Berlin

  2. Hong Kong

  3. London

  4. Montreal

  5. Mumbai

  6. Paris

  7. Sydney

  8. Toronto

  9. Vancouver

While you are where you are, take a class!

  1. Take an acting class. Check or Google or Facebook, or the freaking phone book, or whatever folks in your area use to find classes. Better yet, sign up for one a friend already goes to and can vouch for.

  2. Take an improv class. While you may not have dreams of becoming the next star of Who's Line is it Anyway, having good improv skills is key to being strong on your feet as an actor.

  3. Take an online class! Like mine!

  4. Get private coaching. Talk to friends who have experience with this, or look online for some good reviews in your area. Or get private coaching online! Like with me!

  5. Join your local community theater.

Pretend you live there:

Self-taping is the big thing now. Submit for auditions in locations you're willing to travel to. Send in your "tape", and if they call you in, get your butt in the car.

Start making your own content

There's this thing called YouTube. Make videos you find interesting with your own color and flair. Make them original. Then submit links to agents to show them how fab you are.

And when you're ready, if you're serious about this, move to Los Angeles or New York.

What cities do you think should be added to the list?

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