Getting Seen While Sitting Indoors

You know what's harder than making it in show business? Making it in show business when you're shut inside your house.

You thought it was hard breaking into the biz before!

Here are some of the ways to get an acting career:

  • Email agents! They're dying to hear from a total stranger right now since they definitely aren't desperately trying to represent the clients they already do have while taking care of their children at home in the middle of a fucking pandemic.

  • Sign up for one of those casting workshops that are going on right now. They're everywhere!

  • Get cast in all those plays that are happening right now! Theaters are being sold out all over the place!

  • Run to all those auditions on Backstage and Actors Access! Run, or you'll miss them!

Just because the industry isn't booming right now doesn't mean you should be sitting on your heels. The governor of California did announce a re-opening of the movie industry on June 12th. It will take a while before Hollywood is back to its usual hustle and bustle, so this is the perfect time for you to prepare for it.

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