what do you need?



get skills, get inspiration, and get writing

screenwriting lessons

  • learn the basics of screenwriting or build skills in areas that need work.

discuss your script ideas

  • talk about your script idea and get guidance on how to write it, structure it, or where to start.

break free from writers block

  • get emotional support (I mean advice) and inspiration on the script you've been trying to write so you can get back to work.

get career advice

  • get suggestions on festivals and competitions, getting an agent, and even shooting your own film.



get notes, feedback, and revisions

red-line and margin notes

  • get your script marked-up for formatting errors & typos

  • margin notes with explanations and brief suggestions

overall story notes

  • a focus on overall structure and character development

  • 3-4 typed notes for feature-length scripts


  • your revision is written for you

  • contract available to protect ownership of your work

1-on-1 conference

  • with, or without, the above, have a face-to-face online conference to discuss where to go next

hire a


have the script written for you

step 1: let's talk

  • we'll discuss your needs, your timeline, and how I can help you best

step 2: outline

  • based on your guidance, I will write a one-page outline for you to approve.

step 3: beat-by-beat

  • with the outline accepted, I will write you a 3-8 page beat-by-beat breakdown of the script

step 4: 1st draft

  • with the breakdown accepted, I will deliver your 90-120 page 1st draft 

step 5: 2nd draft

  • if there are changes you'd like made, I'll revise the script with your suggestions and requests



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