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Writing and Acting Workshop

Where actors get to work on their cold reading skills, and writers get to workshop their scripts.
Network, learn, and have fun.

Acting 101

Utilizing classic acting techniques, improvisation, scene study, and character work, we'll explore the depth of characters, being in the moment on stage, and how to live truthfully under the given circumstances of a scene.

Audition Technique

Just like a professional audition, you'll be given materials to prepare, and you'll perform them on video. Learn how to prepare, practice engaging with the people in the room, watch and learn from your video at home, and gain more confidence.

Acting & Auditioning for Teens

For actors age 12-19, who are interested in a professional acting career. Aimed at preparing teens for auditions, and film and theater acting, we'll practice classic techniques, study characters through scene work, be in the moment with improv, and learn the business end of the business. 

Screenwriting 101

Get the basics of writing a screenplay, so you can get cracking on that script you've been wanting to write. You'll learn about structure, character development, subtext, external and internal conflict, and where to go once you've completed it.